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Kraft Paper Basics


What is Kraft Paper and Why it is Better?

Kraft Paper is natural bio-degradable material. The name is derived from German Kraft, meaning "strength" due to it's high durability, elasticity, and tear resistance. Because of those qualities, kraft paper is widely used in various applications from wrapping paper and product packaging to electrical insulation and candy wrapping. It is Ubleached, Recyclable, Compostable, and made of Renewable resources. Other uses include: making envelopes, merchandise and gift tags, food packaging, paper grocery bags, paper sacks for cement, flour, food and consumer goods, corrugated cardboard and shipping boxes, kraft paper rope, hot coffee paper cups, etc.  

Why Use Kraft Paper?

If you still wonder why should you use kraft paper in your projects, here are some basic facts:

Highly Recyclable: On average, paper made from virgin wood pulp can be recycled four to seven times. 

Biodegradable & Compostable: Kraft Paper is 100% biodegradable natural product. It naturally decays just as fallen leaves creating rich fertile soil.

Strength: Kraft paper is designed for packaging and has high durability and tear resistance.

Eco-friendly & Sustainable production:
Chemicals used during production are either recovered and reused in kraft paper production again, or used for various other manufacturing purposes.

Make a Statement: Send a message to your customers about environmental awareness and your company values.

Elegance and Style: Kraft paper is pretty! Kraft paper packaging and products have clean, simple, yet elegant look.

How is it made?

Virgin kraft paper is made from wood pulp. It is recyclable but not recycled. Unlike traditional paper making processes, kraft paper can be produced using all types of wood pulp, including resinous pine and bamboo.

Recycled kraft paper: 100% recycled kraft paper is made using only post consumer and/or post industrial recycled fibers using a self-sustaining process during which chemicals are either recovered and reused in kraft paper production again, or used for various other manufacturing purposes.

Partially recycled: Not all kraft papers are equal. Some are not 100% recycled. They are partially made of recycled fibres and virgin fibres. 

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