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Printable Vintage Recipe Cards

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Each week a random Digital Artwork is available for FREE download on
This week free downloadable is:  Printable Recipe Cards 

To download the FREE weekly graphic, please click on the product and enter promo code  FREEWEEKLY in the discount box at checkout. Site registration is required. No additional purchases or credit card required. The downloads are free for personal use only.

Few weeks ago, at a local vintage shop I stumbled upon an adorable wooden box with actual handwritten recipes. Some were on old recipe cards, some were handwritten on pieces of paper, some were newspaper cutouts... It was a sentimental wooden box. At that very moment I wished I had a recipe box from MY grandma. I sighed, I was keeping in my hands a piece of someone else's grandma's kitchen, and it was for sale for just $7! There was no doubt about it - I was buying it.

The box looked great on one of the shelves in the kitchen, however I wasn't ready to just put it in a corner and forget about it. I liked the idea of having actual paper recipes that I could share with friends and family. Best of all, it is a great way to preserve our family recipes and pass them on to our kids or grand kids one day. 
Once I got home, I felt inspired and decided to add my personal touch to the box by making some new "Recipe from the Kitchen of..." vintage style cards. I also needed to make some new index cards. They turned out so well that they ended up as a new product in the shop. The current designs are made for boxes that fit 3x5 cards.

If you have a recipe box for 3"x5" cards sitting somewhere forgotten, collecting dust, or if you just want to share some of your recipes with friends and family, download this week's FREE printable recipe card designs. They are easily printable on your home printer, on your choice of paper or cardstock. Your local Arts & Crafts store should have some pretty cool vintage looking cardstock papers. And if you have even more time for crafts, you could make your own aged paper - using coffee or tea stains. Just print front and back sides on your favorite paper, then cut along the lines.

To download the FREE digital PDF version of 8.5" x 11" letter size prints, please click HERE and enter promo code FREEWEEKLY in the discount box at checkout. Site registration is required. No additional purchases or credit card required. The cards are free for personal use only.

If you like the cards but don't have the time to make them, you can order a ready set of 20 printed Recipe cards from my shop.  They could be printed on your choice of aged or brown kraft colored cardstock. I am working on the index cards and they will be available soon.

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