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DIY Geometric Triangle Garland

DIY geometric

Here is and idea for an elegant and  trendy, geometric triangles garland, that is quick and easy to make.

You can use as wedding or party decoration, photography backdrop, or everyday home decor. You can hang it on walls, tables, or across doorway in a home office or nursery room.  It is a perfect decoration by itself or combined with other different garlands.

You can get all supplies from you local craft store or get this $18 DIY garland kit with pre-cut labels and string for 3 one-yard garlands (or one long 3-yard garland) from my shop HERE:


--string/twine (sold in local art&craft stores)
--self-adhesive label sheets (sold in local art&craft stores)
--printer (optional)

The printer is used to print the cutting lines on the back of the label. You can download the PDF template HERE. As you can see from the template, I trimmed my rhomboid shapes edges at the side that will fold around the string, however I think that is an extra step you can skip.

You will need rhomboid shapes that will become triangles then folded around the string.
Print the cutting lines using the template here (template is for 2" triangles)

The rest is pretty obvious but here are the steps in detail:
-- CUT OUT as many rhomboid shapes as you will need for your garland length. With 2" triangle side and 2" space between triangles you will need about 9 triangles per yard of garland. 
-- Cut cotton TWINE  to desired length (include at least 5" extra on each end for attaching the garland.
-- POSITION Sticker label placing the SHORT diamond diagonal over the string
-- Carefully FOLD the rhomboid label around the string making one triangle shape, attached to the twine.
-- Use the already attached triangle (2" long) attached to the string to measure exactly 2" space to the next triangle.
-- Repeat steps 2-4 until desired length reached
-- Trim twine ends if necessary.

That's all - you have a beautiful gold triangles garland. 

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