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DIY Hemp Jewelry Display Cones

Since the DIY Jewelry Display Cones article drew so some attention on Pinterest, I thought I should write a follow-up about my recent display cones "upgrade".

Hemp Twine Jewelry Display Cones

Hemp Jewelry Display Cones - Detail

hemp twine jewelry display cones

Materials you will need:
Medium to Heavy-

weight Cardstock
3-ply hemp twine
Glue or Mod Podge
Glue gun + sticks

5 - 15 minutes per cone
(depending on cone size)


My old cardstock cones were nice but I didn't like how lightweight they were and that they would be turned over easily by wind or just by handling the jewelry that is displayed.

So here is another option, fairly quick and easy to do as well - hemp twine wrapped cones, for all your jewelry - works with bracelets, necklaces, or rings. They are considerably heavier than cardstock cones, more stable stable and have that trendy rustic look. I also like how the dull natural hemp color brings out the colors and detail of the displayed jewelry.

I did not take many step-by-step photos this time but I will be making some more so hang on and come back to check for more details.

I used 3-ply hemp string/twine, a glue gun, and some old cardstock (file folders) to make the base on which I wrap the hemp twine around. You don't need any fancy cardstock, any heavier-weight paper would work. Some ideas are: magazine covers, used shipping flat envelopes (such as USPS priority and express flat rate ones), old file folders (what I used for some of the cones). Basically any flat bendable material you would otherwise throw in for recycle. 

It took me 5-15 minutes per cone, depending on the cone size. You can use hot glue just at the start and the end (and it would take even less time) but I took my time, and I used more hot glue because it seems to make the cones sturdier and heavier. Next time I will try with mod podge. Just covering the cone with mod podge, then wrapping the twine around over it. I will probably have to do it on 3-4 applications, not the whole cone at a time, so the glue doesn't dry. Mod Podge would be the more eco-friendly way of making them, than the hot glue.

Here are the shapes I used to cut-out the cone shapes:

Jewelry display - cutting shapesJewelry display - cutting shapesJewelry display - cutting shapes

If you are using Silhouette Cameo, here are the cutting files , zipped.  For instructions how to make paper cones base please check this article: DIY JEWELRY DISPLAY CONES

A suggestion: Start at the top of the cone and wrap the twine downwards. As you wrap the twine/rope around the cone, it naturally would tighten close to the previous wrap. If you start at the bottom going up, it will be more difficult to make uniform wrap, as the twine would try to slide up the cone.

I am really happy with the new cones. They are sturdy and easy to make. They are also made with natural materials (aside from the hot glue that could be replaced with mod podge). They can be used as product displays, but also as home jewelry organization, and look great as home decor by itself.


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