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DIY mould & deckle

DIY papermaking

What you will need:

  1. set of 2 (same size) framed canvas (I used set of two 8" x 10" size on sale from AC Moore for $4.95 ) or old picture frames or just make 2 frames yourself with some pieces of wood, staple gun or nails. I already had the canvases so this was the quickest solution for me.
  2. screen or mesh net or netting that will allow the water to pass but not the pulp (if you don't find anything readily available at your home you will find window screening at any home improvement store - $6- $7 for about 36" x 84" size roll
  3. staple gun (or nails and hammer)

Remove the stretched canvas over the wood frames. Using a screwdriver remove the staples (except the ones that are holding together the actual frame).

Replace the canvas that you just removed with screen: Place the screen over one frame, wrap around the back of the sides, pull tightly and secure with the staple gun.

For larger mould/deckle sets you will need to add something to support the screen, such as hardware cloth otherwise the screen will start sagging when you have the pulp over the screen. The distortion might cause the pulp to move and create irregular thickness of the paper, etc.

That's it! You now have mould and deckle for papermaking.

The frame with the screen is your mould. The other frame, without screen, is called "deckle". It is placed and held in position over the screen side of the mould. The deckle is used to make clean edges of the handmade paper.

You could add latches to secure mould and deckle together so they don't move. I didn't have any and I didn't feel like going to Lowe's just for that. If you don't add any hooks/latches/locks you will just have to hold the mould and deckle together with your hand.
mold and deckle for papermaking
Step-by-step detailed photos coming soon...

Read more about papermaking in my DIY papermaking post.

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