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DIY Jewelry Display Cones

craft shows DIY project Jewelry display

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DIY Jewelry DisplayDIY Jewelry Display

(The MINI tags in the photos are available here: BLANK TAGS or with CUSTOM PRINTING. The blank tags are perfect for pricing jewelry and small items at the craft show.)

If you have an upcoming art and craft show and if you don't want to use the standard boring black velvet jewelry displays, here is a crafty idea for you:

You can display your handcrafted jewelry with those unique, nature-friendly cardstock cones to use as bracelet (and necklace) displays. I received many complements on my bracelet display cones at the 50 Anniversaty Earth Fest.

Materials you will need:
Heavy-weight Cardstock (110lb +)
Glue, tape, Mod Podge

You will need a sturdy cardstock in 12" x 12" size, sold in most Craft stores by separate sheet or as a part of collection/books. Pick colors that match your shop / brand style.
I use matte Mod Podge as glue. You can also seal the ready cones with the mod podge to make them last longer. and be more weather resistant. 

I used 12″ x 12″ vintage style, pastel color, ornate patterns cardstock.

I made cuts on the 12″ x 12″ sheets with my die cutter but you can just cut the cardstock with scissors. I made 3 different cone sizes, about 11″ tall, 5 1/2″ tall, and small 3″ tall cones.

Once I had the cut cardstock pieces, I rolled the cardstock into a cone shape, secured the inside with tape, and glued the overlap with mod podge. Then removed the tape from inside and glued the rest of the overlap from the inside, just for additional safety. Done! That’s it, you have a cool cone bracelet display!


Here are the shapes I used to cut-out the cone shapes:

Jewelry display - cutting shapesJewelry display - cutting shapesJewelry display - cutting shapes

If you are using Silhouette Cameo, here are the cutting files , zipped. 

Once you have one cone done, you can use it as a base matrix over which you can roll another cone, so they can be the same size. 



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